HaynesPro is introducing a new version of HaynesPro WorkshopData;

WorkshopData Touch™

WorkshopData Touch™ - With this brand-new version, designed specifically for tablets, HaynesPro is offering a new user interface suited to your needs.

Providing the mechanic instant access to all the technical information, when and where he needs it!

HaynesPro has invested in an improved database structure, which presents technical data as vehicle rather than engine code specific. Selected filtering based on vehicle features and components ensures that the data presented is correct for that exact specified vehicle.

How it works

From engine-specific to vehicle specific

A mechanic can select the required transmission type, driveline and electronic systems and HaynesPro WorkshopData focuses entirely on the relevant information.

By saving a specific configuration, Workshop Connect ensures that the user can find it again on his tablet, tester or PC, so he can resume where he left off. The selected service interval, relevant repair times and followup work are all saved in the cloud.

Cost Estimate

Inside WorkshopData, OrganiserXpress provides a continuous overview of all the vehicle information saved on a particular day, including customer details, work and parts. By including a Workshop Organiser account in the license, a garage can save history and work orders and link them to a customer and vehicle database.

When servicing a car, the mechanic can add parts which have been replaced or which need ordering and can customize the vehicle information by selecting components and electronic systems specific to that vehicle. Once saved, all changes and information are stored in the background and synchronized by HaynesPro Workshop Connect™. This direct access to the technical information in the workshop streamlines the work process and saves time.

Workshop Connect™

Of course as a user you want to continue where you left off, apart from device or location. That is why HaynesPro developed Workshop Connect. All the information linked to a user’s account is saved in the cloud, making it accessible from any device. The stored information included recently viewed cars, saved cost estimates, work orders, specific vehicle configurations and user settings.