HaynesPro Warning Lights App™ HaynesPro B.V. has created a user-friendly app to explain the meaning of those mysterious warning lights which may suddenly appear on your vehicle's dashboard.

Indicators and warning lights show you, the driver, that something is wrong with your vehicle and illustrate the action to take to prevent more serious problems. The most important question to ask is "Can I continue to drive my car?".

Red lights generally indicate a need for immediate action; amber lights for non-urgent attention, while green or blue are mostly advisory.

With this app you have immediate access to a complete list of dashboard symbols and warnings and their possible combinations. The meaning of each light is explained, along with the required action.

The app covers an average of 25-30 warning lights for all 51 makes from the HaynesPro WorkshopData™ - Car Edition application; our renowned technical information product for the professional mechanic.

All information is based on the original manufacturers’ documentation (OEM) and is available in the following 6 languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish. More languages will follow in future updates.

As a special promotion you can download the HaynesPro Warning Lights App for free during Automechanika 2014. The app - which usually costs EUR 0.89 - is available for iPhone and Android.