Increase workshop efficiency by using HaynesPro’s technical data.

HaynesPro’s technical data is used by various branches of the automotive industry such as parts distributors, parts manufacturers, diagnostic equipment manufacturers, fleet operators etc. It is not always recognisable as HaynesPro data. Although our company name may be unfamiliar to you, it is likely that you are already familiar with our technical data.

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Workshops typically access our data through HaynesPro’s portal-to-portal interface or through a parts distributor’s online catalogue. Once a registered user has logged in to a parts distributor’s catalogue, he or she can access the online versions of HaynesPro’s WorkshopData Car and/or Truck data automatically. Depending on the modules licensed – Tech, Electronics and/or Smart – workshops have access to a fund of vehicle data (much of it sourced from 53 OEMs). The data includes repair times, technical drawings, bespoke wiring schematics, fault codes with explanations and fixes, and common and uncommon faults, with repair solutions. All this information, available at the technician’s fingertips, benefits businesses by increasing efficiency and profitability, reducing non-billable hours, and raising the workshop’s first-time fix rate. An integrated costings program calculates repair times and parts costs to produce a clear and accurate estimate for the customer.

The three modules that comprise HaynesPro WorkshopData, CarSET and TruckSET, are at the heart of HaynesPro’s workshop offer. More information on these three modules can be found via the links below.

WorkshopData - Smart

Reduces time spent on known issues by providing fixes sourced from manufacturers and industry specialists.

WorkshopData - Electronics

This electrical systems module includes VESA, a unique tool which guides mechanics to a rapid, precise identification of system and component errors.

WorkshopData - Tech

Intuitive and essential technical information at the technician’s fingertips.