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Helps technicians identify, locate and resolve electrical system and component errors using intelligent data applications.

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With electrical systems and advanced technologies becoming an increasingly significant feature in modern cars, WorkshopData Electronics has become an essential application for technicians. At its heart lies HaynesPro’s unrivalled Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant (VESA™).


VESA guided diagnostics


VESA™ is an innovative electronics diagnostics application. It retrieves data from the vehicle’s CAN-Bus system to help technicians diagnose faults and component errors which have generated fault codes. Up to seven fault codes can be entered simultaneously. VESA™ then presents the technician with descriptions of the fault codes, together with a suggested list of components to test.


Subject Feature
vesa VESA™ MK II (Guided diagnostics)
  • Wiring diagrams for engine management, ABS, ESP and air conditioning
  • Component locations and information
  • Fault codes (manufacturer and EOBD)
  • Diagnostics wizard
  • Ground point locations
  • Links fault codes to the Smart Module


Subject Feature
vesa VESA™ MK II (Guided diagnostics)
  • Engine management
  • ECAS (Electronically Controlled Air Suspension)
  • Diagnostic wizard
  • Fault codes (manufacturer’s and EOBD)
Image screenshot vesa

Fuses and relays

Clear fuse location and identification feature.

Fuse boxes may be installed in various locations on a vehicle and finding them can be a challenge. Using the Fuses and Relays data in WorkshopData Electronics minimises the time spent on searching.

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Subject Feature
fuses and relays Fuses and relays
  • Fuse and relay box locations
  • Fuse and relay overview
Image screenshot fuses and relays
Image screenshot locations


One of our goals is to help our customers reduce their unbillable hours. This means minimising the time spent on searching for ground points, control units or the EOBD connector location. HaynesPro’s electronic data speeds up this process by offering direct links to such locations.

  • EOBD connector location
  • Ground point locations
  • Control unit locations

Electronic Procedures

Disconnecting/reconnecting a battery is becoming an increasingly complicated task on modern cars. A technician needs to know the correct procedures to follow after reconnecting a battery. This ensures that no customer will have to return their vehicle to the workshop because of subsequent errors in systems such as parking assistance.
Due to the growing number of hybrid vehicles on the market, technicians also need specific instructions on how to work safely on these vehicles.

  • Battery disconnection/reconnection procedures
  • High-voltage circuit deactivation procedures
Image screenshot procedures
Warning lights

Warning lights and indicators

Electronics features an extensive list of possible warning lights, specific to each manufacturer, with a short description  of the fault and required action.

  • Make-specific overview of available warning lights
  • Covering both the European and the US car park

Comfort wiring diagrams

Clear, 'localised' wiring schematics.

Clear, ‘localised’ wiring schematics for all key vehicle features, with wire and component trace functionality for fast, efficient, first-time fixes.


Subject Features
comfort wiring Comfort wiring diagrams
  • Wiring diagrams covering e.g. door locks, windows,  airbags, exterior lights, starting/charging and wash/wiper systems
  • Pan and zoom functionality
  • Highlight functionality to trace corresponding wires and components
Comfort Wiring