Parts manufacturers

Create new business opportunities

With HaynesPro’s assistance, parts manufacturers can add value to their product offering to help drive sales. There are many examples in which specific elements of the HaynesPro data set are used to help end-users install certain parts or adjust them to a certain setting.

What we provide



HaynesPro data starts with the OEMs. Fifty-three such companies share their data with us. Companies with their own high standards of data creation, encompassing every last detail of their cars, LCVs and trucks. Fifty-three OEMs that know and understand their products intimately. This reliance on OEM data is what makes HaynesPro data so trusted.

Multilingual data


WorkshopData is a truly pan-automotive and pan- European product. It’s available in 27 languages.

Link data


We provide all our data via data exchange services (also called web services or application programing interface – API). This medium is infinitely versatile and allows us to tailor the data we send to our customer’s precise needs.


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ProFIT allows manufacturers to provide online installation instructions for their components on a comprehensive range of platforms including tablets, PCs and smartphones.
ProFIT also provides an alternative solution for regions where parts catalogues with fully integrated technical data sets are not widely used.


Case example

Timing belt kits

Timing belt kits are the perfect example of how HaynesPro data may benefit your organisation. Typically, timing belts are fitted according to a certain procedure which differs from vehicle to vehicle. By using HaynesPro data, a manufacturer can put a QR code in the box which allows the customer to access the timing belt repair manual online.

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