Jifeline and HaynesPro agree strategic cooperation

27 October 2023 news
Jifeline strategic cooperation

Frankfurt, 11 September 2018 – Jifeline and HaynesPro, both specialists in the automotive sector with headquarters in the Netherlands, combine their international expertise in vehicle diagnostics and multi-make workshop solutions.

The companies agreed on a strategic cooperation at the Automechanika 2018 in Frankfurt, to explore software solutions for joint customer facing projects. The focus is very much on vehicle diagnostics and leveraging each others service partners, with both companies offering unique solutions assisting multi-brand garages to diagnose and repair the modern vehicle parc.

Jifeline was founded in 2012 by automotive specialists and in 2014 introduced their in-house developed “remote diagnostics interface” which connects, by means of internet, a vehicle with a diagnostic expert.

The Jifeline infrastructure works completely independant from the vehicle, diagnostic tool and OEM customization. By using an OBD dongle, the vehicle is connected remotely to a technical expert, enabling diagnostics, service coding and programming to be performed as if that expert was in the vehicle whilst in reality, the vehicle could be anywhere in the world.

For more than 20 years HaynesPro aggregates and hosts automotive data from genuine sources to provides tailor-made, unique solutions for vehicle repair and automotive business processes. HaynesPro repair and maintenance information is inside Europe´s leading automotive part catalogs, diagnostic scan tools and garage management systems.

With WorkshopData Electronics, HaynesPro offers a unique tool with guided diagnostics which increases the efficiency in the workshop, reduces the time from fault to fix and reduces the number of wrongly ordered parts.

The collaboration with Jifeline would enable HaynesPro to tag components within WorkshopData where Jifeline can support additional function testing and diagnostics. Peter van der Galien, Managing Director HaynesPro Group says: “Jifeline and HaynesPro are sharing a very similar focus: We are dealing with the growing complexity of the modern generation of vehicles and in this environment, we support mechanics to maintain and repair vehicles every day. So Jifeline´s remote diagnostic service fits very well to our innovative workshop solutions and is a very useful added value to our flagship product WorkshopData.”

Iskander Kuijer, Managing Partner of Jifeline BV says: „Our team is delighted to start this new adventure with HaynesPro. The synergy between the two companies is "near perfect". Every repair needs four components: Skills, Knowledge, Experience and Tools. Whilst HaynesPro provides Knowledge and Experience, Jifeline brings in hands-on diagnostic skills and Tools”