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Common faults, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and recalls.

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Helps technicians reduce the time spent on fixing common faults and includes OEM Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and recalls.

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Technical Service Bulletins (SMARTFIX™)

Information that adds real value for professional mechanics.

WorkshopData offers instant access to a multitude of Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) sourced from original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Our team of technical authors carefully adapts the TSBs we receive and orders them via symptom, cause and solution.

Subject Features
SmartFIX Technical Service Bulletins™ (SmartFIX™)
  • Technical Service Bulletins
  • Link to fault codes and related cases

What makes HaynesPro TSBs stand out?


Data complies with the original OEM documentation (covering TSBs from 2008 onwards).

Single point access

Single-point access to detailed information on faults, workarounds and defects usually only known to vehicle manufacturers.


Links to industry standard identification, providing an effective interface with other databases.

Smart Links

Smart links to other data categories (specifications, procedures, references).

Reduce time

Unnecessary time spent on known issues is reduced. Based on the available information, the workshop can decide whether to rectify the issue in-house or to refer the work to an approved dealer.


Accessible via a fault code search.

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Verified fixes and tips (SmartCASE™)

Save time and money

This feature extends HaynesPro’s coverage from OEM-based technical data to information sourced from industry experts and renowned helpdesk organizations. SmartCASE™ is a unique feature containing cases, with verified fixes and tips. It allows technicians to check quickly for solutions to common problems related to a selected vehicle which may or may not be linked to a fault code; thereby saving time and money. 

Subject Features
SmartCASE Verified fixes and tips (SmartCASE™)
  • Verified fixes and tips
  • Link to fault codes and related cases

What makes HaynesPro SmartCASE stand out?


Extension of OEM coverage


Over 4600 unique bulletins covering 43 brands.


Accessible via a fault code search.

General features WorkshopData Smart

Quick search

Specific vehicle TSB identification

Quick Search enables specific vehicle identification. Users can identify a TSB, case or recall by specifying vehicle area (engine, steering etc.), fault code, noise, defect, or operating condition.

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Related subjects

Providing quick access to related information

All service bulletins contain smart links, providing quick access to related information.