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Digital and automotive technologies are developing rapidly, constantly revealing new opportunities. The potential for presenting data in many different forms is only just being realised. At HaynesPro, we are fully aware of the benefits of flexibility in presenting data. We also have the expertise to do it.


HaynesPro data can be extracted and combined with other parts of a customer’s products. We call this ‘data integration’ and it unleases the data’s full potential. HaynesPro customers already utilising data integration have found that it enhances their businesses and helps them to achieve their commercial objectives.

HaynesPro is both an automotive company that understands IT, and an IT company that understands the Automotive sector. HaynesPro offers comprehensive IT services through our Value Added Consultancy Services (VACS).

For more information on the contents of our database, data integration, IT solutions, or details of the range of aftermarket companies which currently use our data, please contact customer support at

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