Parts distributors

Boosting turnover with HaynesPro’s technical data.

A parts distributor’s database and ordering system lies at the heart of their operations. What’s important is allowing mechanics to identify the right car, selecting the job at hand and presenting them with the right parts. Experience has shown that the inclusion of HaynesPro’s technical data in parts catalogues boosts turnover, our unique modules and features for example help mechanics find exactly what they are looking for, therefore reducing the ordering of incorrect parts and reducing the time spend on diagnosis.

Two levels of integration

Portal to portal


The simplest level of customer integration is a portal-to-portal solution. The customer is connected to HaynesPro’s stand-alone products, which they can customise with their own logo and colours. HaynesPro’s full product suite can be branded in this way.

Data Exchange


Seamlessly integrated into a customers product, for example a parts catalogue or even a tool.


Take your relationship to the next level by linking your database with ours. HaynesPro can provide a parts distributor with the facility to route a car, selected by a user from its catalogue, directly to the HaynesPro portal. The user doesn’t need to reselect the car. Having selected a target model, the user can choose to visit the HaynesPro’s technical data related to that vehicle.

This ‘transaction’ can be taken even further by integrating the supplier’s parts. For example, the customer may wish to order brake parts. On clicking the supplier’s brake section, he  is routed to the HaynesPro brake section related to his chosen car, where he clicks to choose a brake pad. The customer then simply confirms his selection and places it in the parts supplier’s shopping cart. The chosen brake pad is connected to the brake pad brands in the part supplier’s catalogue.

Portal to partal - Next steps


Integration of HaynesPro data creates value at multiple levels. For example, it creates value for the parts distributor in two ways. Firstly, by referring to HaynesPro’s detailed component lists and illustrations, the distributor can pinpoint which part is needed for which job. Secondly, the distributor can also provide a parts ordering facility through data integration, enabling him to supply more parts, more efficiently.

Advantages of using our portal-to-portal solution:

  • No additional login screens – single-click access.
  • Licence and user data is managed in an online licensing tool (also accessible via web services).
  • Implementation usually takes less than two days.
  • Option to switch to HaynesPro stand-alone applications with pre-selected criteria.
  • Can be adapted to customer-specific colours and logos.
  • Parameter-linking allows user selections to be routed from a distributor catalogue to the HaynesPro portal.
  • Integrating parts links allows parts to be pre-selected in the HaynesPro portal and routed to the shopping cart functionality in the catalogue.

Data exchange services

Data exchange scematic


HaynesPro provides all its data via data exchange services, an infinitely versatile medium which allows us to tailor the data we send precisely to the customer’s needs. When using it in its purest form, a customer can send a request to HaynesPro for timing belt information related to a specific vehicle and receive that data immediately. This is a different ‘transaction’ from a portal-to-portal application where the customer interrogates HaynesPro’s user interface for this same information.


If a customer only wants access to a specific area, for instance brake pads, he can also get that information from a traditional catalogue-based provider. However, with HaynesPro data exchange he can also get related components and fitting instructions.

The data can be presented in the manner best suited to the customer’s business. The medium gives a customer the opportunity to construct a route to suit their unique needs. They may want the same information as their rivals but slightly re-ordered. They may believe that they can add value to their business by presenting their information differently, based on how their own customers use their services, the information those customers require, and the order in which they prefer it presented.

Bespoke solution
Device large

Advantages of data exchange services:

  • Partial or full data integration
  • Complete freedom of design and layout
  • Workable, efficient solution. HaynesPro offers several integration options ranging from simple portal-to-portal links, which can be ready in days, to a complete integration of technical data within a customer’s online solution.