NEW: HaynesPro Augmented Reality (AR) app 2.0

10 May 2024 none
NEW: HaynesPro Augmented Reality (AR) app 2.0

Inspiring the changes of tomorrow

What if you could foresee the future of automotive technology? Will the car of the future bear any resemblance to the car of today? No one really knows yet. However, we do know that the automotive industry is meeting today’s challenges with rapid innovation in technology and design. These innovations are likely to lead to radical changes in future vehicle design and maintenance.

Innovation and flexibility are bywords at HaynesPro. To keep up with rapid technological changes, we have reinterpreted our data to demonstrate its endless versatility. We want to inspire customers to look at HaynesPro data differently.

Think of the data as an infinitely versatile liquid which can be 'frozen' in a fixed form. We have taken that data, re-shaped it using the latest IT technology, and presented it in a new form, the HaynesPro augmented reality (AR) app.

Using the app is easy. To access a vehicle’s identification details, the user simply points their camera-enabled device at a specified marker, such as a number plate. HaynesPro’s augmented reality (AR) app 2.0 uses this visual identification to pair HaynesPro data to the chosen vehicle. Relevant data is then shown, including, for example: recall data, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and/or common helpdesk solutions (SmartCASE). We have further enhanced the app by adding a 3D repair manual. This gives the user a detailed, in-depth view of the part assembly.

For those who are already familiar with the HaynesPro AR app, we’ve enhanced it and made it more fun by adding new 3D functionality to the Mini Cooper. We have also added OATS features such as engine fluid, brake fluid and coolant fluid locations and specifications. Finally we have added brand new Haynes on-demand features! Simply tap the respective logos to use the new features.

To view the AR content on this page, please go to the App Store or the Google Play Store on your mobile or tablet device and follow the instructions.