Huge increase in technical data consumption by HaynesPro customers

10 May 2024 Press release
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HaynesPro, the European market leader in providing automotive technical data, has seen a doubling in the number of its data transactions over the past year. A company record had already been set for HaynesPro in 2019, with 1.1 billion data transactions in a 12-month period. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of data transactions doubled to over 2 billion in 2020. A data transaction means that somewhere in the world a garage owner, parts distributor or diagnostic equipment user requests technical data from HaynesPro for a vehicle. This vehicle can be a passenger car, a commercial vehicle and from January 2021, a motorcycle.

Rob Suikerbuik, Group Technical Director says; "We have invested heavily in both our database structure and hosting infrastructure in recent years. This was necessary given the exponential growth in our customer numbers. By capitalising on this growth, our investments are now being repaid in the form of a stable hosting environment, even with a doubling of the number of data transactions."

It effectively means that during working hours, we have between 120 - 200 users per second, often garage owners requesting online data,’ says Peter van der Galiën, Group Managing Director. ‘Governments in Europe see the automotive sector as an essential part of society. It is HaynesPro's job to make diagnostic, repair and maintenance data available daily to parts distributors, diagnostic equipment providers and garage owners in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The number of data transactions in 2020 indicates that over 60,000 users have taken advantage of this.’

HaynesPro is a provider of automotive data and workflow solutions, with over 25 years of experience in dealing with various data and IT challenges within the Automotive aftermarket Our goal is to create value for various industries within the automotive aftermarket, using smart IT solutions and ‘clearly better data’.

We understand that every industry has specific needs when it comes to data provision, processing and management. Together with its partners, HaynesPro offers the best possible data and IT solutions for all the different automotive industries.