Enabling the automotive market to create value with data products through innovation, integration, partnership and increased efficiency.

Who are we?

HaynesPro is an automotive data solutions and workflow provider with over 25 years of experience in dealing with different challenges within the Automotive aftermarket. Our sole aim is to help create value for every branch within the automotive aftermarket using clever IT solutions and clearly better data.

We understand that every branch has different needs when it comes to data provision, handling and management. However what is applicable to every branch is that IT service providers should help come up with the best possible solution that fits the needs of IT departments and general management. Our pan European team of experts makes sure that our customers sales processes never fail to reach their goal and that the data provided is guaranteed to be the best in the business.

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What makes HaynesPro stand out?

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Customer support

Helping you at every step

Timely, empathetic, skillful. Our multilingual customer support team helps clients save time by acting as temporary consultants, helping to implement systems, and otherwise assisting customers in the field.

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Technical authors

Ensuring constant quality

Ensuring constant quality is vital in our line of business. Our team of trained technical authors work according to a ‘ four eye principle’ which means the data is always checked twice before being added to WorkshopData. This work principle among others has earned us the ISO9001:2015 certification.

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Skilled professionals

We love language! Our multicultural translation team is made up of highly skilled language professionals with a knack for everything automotive. Our ongoing goal is to offer precise, consistent and technically accurate data in all 29 of our languages, using the best localization solutions available.

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Marketing & sales

Your success is our focus

For years we have supported many of our customers with the presentation and sales of HaynesPro products. For example using custom made printed content, strategic online/offline marketing campaigns, instruction videos & online sales support. Depending on the demand, our team of marketeers and graphic designers will work with our customers in achieving our combined corporate goals.

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Skilled database analysts

The backbone of our company

Managing automotive data is our core business. We work with highly skilled and certified people and are vigilant in achieving optimal data integrity. We are also open minded and always keen on continuously improving our way of working, while embracing the latest technologies and best tools available to us.

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A divers team


A multi-disciplinary team is standing by to offer you the best possible DATA & IT solutions for your automotive business. With our team of IT and Data specialists we will take care of our clients’ needs but we will also strategically engage with you on what will be the best solution for your needs!